One year later... an update on rebuilding from the NHS team.

One year of the Earthquake
It is one year now after the devastating earthquake. Thousands of people were killed and thousands of them became homeless. After the earthquake many national and international organizations and people worked hard for the relief purpose like distributing the food, clothes, medicines, making emergency shelter and temporary houses and schools. We feel like it is yesterday but one whole year is over. We as a small organization visited different places specially some of the neighboring districts like Dhading, Gorkha and Nuwakot. The whole year we collect our energy and resources to help the people. We have seen there is very small effort from the government side all it is wasted in planning and discussing for earthquake relief work. Recent Data showed only 2.29 percent of the rebuild and reconstruction work is done. People are in desperate need of safe house, drinking water, health need and thousands of schools are needed to rebuild and repair. School children are sitting under a destroyed building which is not safe and they are always in fear because of seeing the bare bones building which can fall anytime. People spent whole year in a tent or in a temporary hut and they had face heavy monsoon and chilled winter which also killed hundreds of them. Yesterday the whole country remembered the day and it was kind a heavy for everyone. We all experienced it one year ago and we had visited many people that are affected by the quake and we hope they are using some of the coping skills we taught during our workshops and in our visits there. The People in Gorkha are much happier to have a shelter that they can live and store their food and crops which is one of the big steps we did collaborating with other agencies. 150 people from that particular village are benefited from the housing project and we are very thankful for the support from Canada, Belgium, Germany and Australia. What we learnt from the work in Gorkha is ,if we are dedicated small amount of money can make a big change and monsoon is coming so this particular village people have proper shelter to hide and we wish and pray other people also get the relief support( House making project) soon from the government. And we appreciate all the work done by other agencies and people from all over the world. We need each other help in difficult time