Stories of success when given the opportunity

I wanted to share with you all something that was shared by the counselling and teaching team at NHK; that I thought was quite amazing: Eleven (11) girls have 'graduated' from NHK school so far and are attending a regular school in the community (We refer to it as our sister school), and they are all still connected to NHK . Some come for counselling, all will be coming to do a group this month. But what really wowed me is that none of those 11 have dropped out and 8 or 9 of them are doing really well in school. They are in the top 5% ! Basanta credits "the strong foundation from NHK" as what is setting them ahead.

I think this is amazing, and had to share. When you consider that when many of these young ladies started at NHK, they had never attended school nor was it in their immediate future. Many were begging at a bus park or worse. My sincere gratitude to the team of teachers and counsellors at NHK.

As told to Leslie from NHK team