Earthquake Relief account from NHK team

namaste brothers and sisters,
yesterday Nepal House Kaski team went to the remote village of Dhading with earthquake relief materials and it took us ten hours to go there in a jeep and one full truck of materials. We got some volunteer help from nepali and some people from Belgium to support us. We helped one hundred and five families (105) with rice,dal,tent,mattress, and medicine. it was very horrifying while driving on the road as many houses are collapsed and it was smelling very very bad from the decay of dead animals. Many of the school buildings are collapsed and hard to imagine what would be in that day if the schools were open. We got the chance to speak with some children and they are so sad and scared because of the earthquake. People are telling many stories to them about earthquake and we tried to make them understand not worry about another big shock but be careful while staying in cracked houses and other places. We been able to give one of the school two very big tents from this they can make temporary school. The food we provided is not enough for many days but it is a good support for them in this emergency and we hope other people will go and support them someday soon or we will come back with more supplies soon. Our other NHK support moved to Gurkha district today, where basanta and Dhurba are leading the team, we wish for their safe journey and we wait till tomorrow to hear from their trip. WE want to thank all friends everywhere for their donations and support.

Shiva Thapa- Nepal House Kaski- Nepal House Society